Leather Handbags

Leather Handbags. A woman’s fashion accessory.

Handbags and bags. These words spell fashion, glamour, shimmer, class and style for a sophisticated and savvy woman. Gone are the days when bags were the sole means of carrying cash or luggage – today’s woman’s outfit is not incomplete if it is devoid of a handbag. The carrying of hand bag spells class and this word handbag has become a necessity as the fashion accessory.

When we broadly speak of the bags then one major type where we get fixed are the leather bags. Available in all colors shapes and designs, leather handbags are a must buy and stay with you for life. In the fashion industry leather bag is the most popular accessory for the women. Bags crafted exquisitely from leather are robust, handy, spacious that spell comfort and style. Perfect travel partner that keeps your belongings in safe custody. Nothing matches their blend of finesse and substance, Owning leather handbags with certain famous brands is a dream for any woman.

Leather handbags can match with what ever you wear. What ever your outfit is, leather handbags help pull together almost any outfit. Come and feast your eyes on the finest and treat yourself to the best! That’s the magic of leather and this is why this so special. Carrying leather handbag to different occasions is like promoting yourself that you have class in choosing things. You will be proud of yourself and feel confident.

Leather bags and handbags certainly add a touch of class to your appearance but only when it is clean and spotless!! Keeping in mind a few tips to take care of your leather goods or handbags will definitely give you a partner for life as leather is a long lasting material. Despite being the tough material it is important to note that it catches stains very fast and is difficult to clean.

Always use a soft cotton damp cloth to wipe off the dirt from leather.

Various stores will provide you with leather cleaner and for a cleaner look one can use these too ! To keep the material from losing its luster apply conditioner on the surface. Do not try the detergent based cleaners or solvents to clean the surface as it will make the material loose the shine. If your leather accessory has lost it colour or faded then simple use the colourant spray available in the leather stores, a little spray of the matching colour will restore the beauty and glamour of you favorite bag.

Buying A Genuine or Faux Leather Handbag? Either Can Be A High Fashion Statement That Excites!

For all passionate purse lovers, how the material feels and looks determines whether it is worthy of collecting.

Dedicated handbag collectors painstakingly search for the purses that cause us to pause and admire, evoking passionate “ooohs” and “aaahs” – even before we lay curious fingers upon them. But increasingly more often, luxury purse shoppers are having to perform extensive examinations to determine if the material under scrutiny is genuine leather from animal skins or a synthetic man-made material from chemicals. Adding to our confusion is the all too often missing material label information. It may take a while to locate a “genuine leather cowhide” icon or “genuine leather” stamping on the handbag to confirm authenticity.

So, what does all this “natural or synthetic leather detective work amount to? Translated into “fashionese,” handbags made of high quality synthetic leather are making the “luxury” and exceptionally well made purse “A” lists – and becoming delightful, informed additions to collections of the most discriminating handbag enthusiasts. Thrilling to many, is the fact that while looking and feeling beautifully like leather, synthetic handbags costs far less than traditional leather handbag luxury!

A Little Leather and Fake Leather Handbag History

Acknowledging that the material of a handbag is perhaps its best feature, American women have historically chosen leather as a favorite for luxury purse buys. In the late 1990s, according to the 2012 research of High Beam Industry Reports, responding to U.S. economic woes, more women bought designer handbags made of synthetic leather. Some major designers manufactured imitation leather purses, while still promoting the design integrity of their brands. By the mid 2000s, 66% of all U.S. shipped purses were leather and the United States imported more women’s handbags than any other country on earth. Currently, some of the world’s leading designer brands of natural and synthetic leather handbags are manufactured in China, the worlds largest exporter of handbags. (Global Handbags Market: 2012 Edition)

Comparing Natural Leather to Synthetic Leathers

Genuine, supple natural leathers are the result of tanning and refining only animal skins. On the other hand, according to Robert Kanigel’s “Faux Real: Genuine Leather and 200 years of Inspired Fakes, synthetic leathers fall into four categories:

1. Pyroxilin-based (Fabrikoid)

2. Vinyl-based (Naughahyde);

3. “Corfam” & Poromerics

4. Microfiber-based (Ultrasuede)

Categorized as “poromerics,” PU leather is currently and widely used as the material of choice in handbag construction by many designers and manufacturers. It is a breathable, pliable, porous plastic combination material, made usually of polyurethane coating over a fibrous base like polyester. Finished PU leather results in a material with varying degrees of the look and feel of genuine leather.

Does PU leather have the durability, lovely luster and unique smell of high quality, top grain leather? Absolutely not! Neither does it boast the natural markings and inherent long life span of individual animal skins. Yet, PU leather has soft flexibility and good shape retention that works well for straps and handles. Add to the credit of some PU handbags, exciting enough design to grace high fashion runways and carry quite handsomely on the arms of women who recognize a great purse.

However, when we move beyond comparing physical beauty and esthetic appeal into examining earth concerns of both natural leather and synthetic leather purchases, many factors should be explored and examined. Leather tannery industry standards, animal treatment and the environmental impact of processing natural or synthetic leathers, should responsibly be investigated by individual handbag consumers to understand and acknowledge the manufacturing pros and cons of both.

Make Your Natural or Synthetic Leather Handbag Decision Informed and Exciting!

Ultimately, the “leather or faux leather handbag buying decision is a matter of three simple buying guidelines:

1. Respond naturally to the excitation factor of a handbag. Does it attract and excite you upon first sight? Does it have the power to draw you in for a closer examination even before the first touch?

2. Perform a hands on examination of the handbag you desire. Be very prudent in distinguishing whether it is genuine leather or synthetic leather. Because synthetic leather is being engineered so successfully to mimic natural skin leather, it may take a few moments to make the genuine versus synthetic leather determination. Try to locate the genuine leather certification on attached tags or an imprint of genuine leather stamped into the leather. Because a well made handbag will have a suitable lining, this may be difficult to ascertain. Therefore, the rule of thumb to follow is that designers or manufacturers clearly label the authenticity of the handbag material as genuine leather. If genuine leather labeling is not prominent, the material is most likely man-made with labeling that may be a little more obscure.

3. After establishing whether the handbag’s material is leather or faux leather, how much you are willing to pay for the item that is so delightful to behold and hold should be based on the value of material, details of overall workmanship and other exceptional qualities.

All in all, efficient purse budget management and attaining ultimate fashion highs hinge on making your handbag purchase an informed buying decision as well as a worthwhile collectible that you cherish.

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*”DEP” and “Design Excitation Power” are 2012 corporate collateral and promotional marketing communications terms developed by Ayshai Jones and Monique Manning-Jones expressly for A Wonderful Purse and Other Wonderful Things™.

Melbourne Fashion Stylist to Look You Different From Other by Bonnie Kay the Stylist

Meeting a Melbourne stylist for personal shopping is a great way to explore your potential. A personal shopper will meet you for a coffee / tea / chilled beverage, perhaps some snacks, maybe even lunch or dinner.

You two will discuss what your wants and needs are for this shopping mission.
You could go exploring a shopping mall / centre or you could explore a department store like myer, David Jones, Macys etc.

The Personal shopping who is a Melbourne Fashion Stylist will talk you though your body shape, they will explain what styles of apparel and accessories suit your body shape. These body shapes are as follows;
-Straight body shape is where your hips and bust are the same size, yet your waist is slightly smaller.
-Spoon shape is where the hips are larger than the bust and the ships have shelf life appearance. The waist is slightly smaller than the bust.

-Top Hourglass figure where the bust is larger than the hips and the waist is well defined.

-Oval Body Type, the waist is larger than the bust and the hips. The hips are narrow compared to the shoulders. The breasts are ample in size.

-Pear body is where the bust is small, the waist graduates out to the larger hips.

– Hourglass figure is the most wanted all over the globe and has been for decades. This is where the hips and bust are the same size, the waist is well defined.

-Inverted Triangle shape is where the bust is out of proportion to the rest of the body. The bust is larger than the hips and the waist isnâEUR(TM)t defined.

-Diamond body type is where the waist is larger than the hips and bust.

After your body type is defined, this is the fun part of the personal shopping journey. This is where the personal shopper will show you different options of clothing that suit your particular body shape. A good personal shopper will keep your wants and needs in mind when choosing certain items of clothing and accessories for you to add to your new wardrobe.

Certainly, professional and experienced personal stylists possess what must be done to make all their clients feel relaxed during the first experience and subsequent sessions. Skilled personal stylists aren’t only keen in knowing the most recent fashion trend and trend and what suits different body types when it comes to clothes, shoes and add-ons, but those individuals will also be keen psychologists. They will certainly analyze your lifestyle, but will attempt to understand your personality too.

For instance should a person be single and searching for the man in your life, then, your personal stylist’s advices includes wearing outfits that fit your work and others that cause you to look more charming and sexy when spending time with friends at the cafe or pub. On another hand, should you be someone of the more mature age, who loves to travel a lot, uncover new civilizations and historic sites, then, your personal stylist will counsel you to buy trendy as well as fashionable outfits that suit your way of life and make you really feel trendy and comfortable while traveling all over the world.

Hopefully after your shopping expedition, you feel like a fashionista and enjoy your new purchases, feel comfortable in your new clothing and hopefully feel like a whole new person.

A Great Fashion Stylist in Melbourne Might Help With Colours and Designs by Bonnie Kay the Stylist

Everyone really wants to look good, style and fashion are far more than merely vanity, it goes much deeper than that, looking good and feeling good about how exactly you look make you are feeling better about yourself as well as feeling better about yourself is key to using a happy and wholesome life. It is amazing such a difference having a fashionable outfit that makes you feel and look great can make to your lifestyle and your overall self-confidence. The power of the actual makeover is incredible; it may transform someone from the exterior in. Not everyone has innate style along with a high degree of style knowledge. If you have a problem with getting the right clothes for the body, if you are unsure which are the best colours for the skin tone then you have to consult with a great Melbourne fashion stylist, that way you will get all the latest tricks and tips as well as some personalised suggestions about how to dress best for you personally.

You can even have a course with leading stylists which will help you dress better for your own body size and shape, on these courses become familiar with to understand the line and design and also to successfully dress for your specific body shape, how in order to minimise any figure problems, the success or failure of the outfit, fabric’s ability to flatter the body shape, all style elements – are they befitting you?, focal points and how you can identify, appreciate and emphasize your ‚¬best bits’.

On some courses you may also bring along any components of clothing or accessories you have purchased and loved theoretically, but never leave the leading door in. They can advise you on why they did not work for the body type/shape and will even look at what you’re wearing on the day time.

There is nothing incorrect with seeking expert assist; we do it constantly in many areas associated with life, from health in order to finance. Fashion is exactly the same, some people spend their lives immersed inside it, they bring a natural eye for what functions and what doesn’t after which spend years refining this, learning the theories that underpin dressing for that right shape and coordinating colours with skin shades. Learn from a professional with experience along with a great eye and you will benefit.

Find someone who has their very own Melbourne Product stylist fashion blog to help you stay up to day on trends.

Look for someone that offers courses on outfitting for your body in addition to personal colour analysis.

Image Consultants Vs Fashion Stylists: What Is the Difference?

Are you looking for the aid of an expert who can help you with your image? Then, maybe a New York consultant can help you. Or, if it is a fashion dilemma that’s plaguing you, then maybe a fashion stylist can do the job. A lot of people make frequent mistakes about consultants and fashion stylists. They do so because they are not aware of the differences between the two. In order to easily clarify their differences, you must look at the specific work of these people as well as their work process.

A New York Consultant
A New York consultant, as well as all other image consultants around the world, work on a more individual level. They aid people who hire them in understanding what best suits their personality and lifestyle are and then make certain recommendations based on those details. They are more focused on you as a person and they draw out your total image instead of just focusing on the clothes that you will be wearing. This is in line with their goals of enhancing your image. In essence, the accessories and clothes that a New York consultant suggests are the most suitable to the individual that they are dressing. However, the accessories and clothes are mere tools that will reflect the personality of the individual.

An consultant, particularly a New York consultant, is a trained professional when it comes to shapes, lines, colors, styles, and fabrics. They use this technical knowledge as well as the sense of styling so they can advise their clients on how to dress appropriately. Another key difference that an image consultant has from a fashion stylist is that they are able to explain the reason why they have selected a specific item for you depending on your objective or needs.

The Fashion Stylist
A fashion stylist focuses more on the individual’s clothing style. They are the experts who already have an idea in mind even before they start combining the clothing items and accessories outfits to create what they have imagined. Their main goal would be to attain an appealing and fashionable outfit that supports their project concept. These projects may include magazine spreads, photo shoots, movies, commercials, and the like. When a fashion stylist works on a photo shoot, the accessories and clothes that models are using are either rented, borrowed, or purchased by the company needing the photo or image. Fashion stylists are also often trendsetters.

Getting Ahead Of Times With Fashion Stylist Courses In Sydney Australia

Fashion Stylist Courses are Fun – Fashion courses for stylists enable stylists to urge hands on expertise which may be plenty of fun provided you have got joined the proper fashion styling institute. These courses enable like-minded individuals to mingle and find out about the style business. That is the reason why there are so many fashion stylist courses sydney Australia everywhere. Sensible courses additionally provide students the chance to use themselves whereas gaining exposure and learning regarding the style world.

If you search the web you would find numerous fashion styling courses in melbourne Australia from which to choose from. Fashion Styling Courses assist you to find out a way to Network – Students are instructed the importance of networking and that they also are instructed a way to network so as to search out purchasers. Students at the styling courses sydney Australia also are instructed a way to use individuals skills to realize the trust of their purchasers. Sensible styling institutes facilitate students gain confidence and additionally teach students a way to facilitate their purchasers gain confidence.

Fashion Stylist Courses assist you do what you like – If you prefer creating others look and feel lovely, if you prefer serving others and if you prefer being rewarded for doing one thing that you simply love then fashion courses for stylists are ideal for you. The remuneration for fashion stylists is taken into account to be sensible, provided the stylist has been licensed by an honest university.

Fashion Stylist Courses will assist you learn new skills – Since fashion stylists do plenty over to simply build individuals look lovely, these courses will facilitate students learn the way to assist others feel sensational regarding themselves and these courses may help students learn the way to multi-task. Sensible courses for private shoppers and private assistants will facilitate students learn the way to line up conferences, got wind of conferences, learn the way to borrow garments for purchasers, learn the way to pack garments and learn the way to come back garments when they need been utilized by the consumer.

those that pick categorical courses will learn the way to try to to these tasks and plenty of additional in three days – five days. The advantage of choosing categorical or short courses is that the scholar gets to find out what’s needed to succeed while not having to pay an excessive amount of time or energy reading manuals or books. sensible courses target sensible expertise instead of asking students to scan dozens of manuals.

How to Be a New York Fashion Stylist

The Big Apple is a melting pot of cultures and style. Thanks to shows like Sex and the City and events like New York Fashion Week, the demands for the New York fashion stylist are constant.

A New York fashion stylist may take on several tasks that all revolve around picking clothes, accessories, and coming up with well-coordinated looks. Some of the tasks range from:
€ Dressing mannequins in store displays
€ Putting together outfits for photo shoots in magazines and ad campaigns
€ Assisting customers in selecting clothing that suits their body type and lifestyle needs
€ Traveling to client meetings
€ Following jet-setting celebrities and models around the world for their work

As with any other profession, the job of a New York fashion stylist has several requirements or qualifications like:
€ An associate degree in fashion merchandising
€ Years of experience in retail fashion and styling
€ Portfolio of work
€ Basic computer skills
€ High attention to detail
€ Good people skills
€ Excellent time management ability
€ Visual accuracy, attention to detail, and analytical mindset
€ Ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment

The steps to becoming a New York fashion stylist are as follows:

1. Get an associate’s degree (minimum of 2 years)
Most employers prefer years of school for work as a New York fashion stylist. Luckily, many colleges offer fashion-merchandising programs with classes that include the history of fashion, visual merchandising, and textile science. Students who work their way to an associate’s degree also get the advantage of attending fashion meetings, assembling portfolios and completing an internship program, all of which are helpful in the field and in creating a strong resume.

2. Gain work experience
Most of the time, a New York fashion stylist position is only open to those with a minimum of 4 to 5 years of experience in the fashion industry. A good starting point is working for the retail shops to gain insights on how to create looks in both women’s and men’s departments. In addition to putting school learning into practice, working in retail helps build your confidence in dealing with people and marketing your skills.

3. Build your network
A true blue New York fashion stylist knows how important it is to create a network. A reliable fashion stylist could advance to the top with good word of mouth references. Two of the best ways to build your network and to stay in the know is to join a fashion organization and to earn a certification.

4. Build a solid portfolio
No matter how small you start out, never forget to keep updating your portfolio because it is the first thing that clients will look at when they seek your service. Since things are going digital now, keeping an online portfolio through a website or a blog can be a lot of help in establishing your presence in the fashion industry.

Many New York fashion stylists have seen success through hard work and persistence. Once you get started, you will be the only one who can limit how far you can go.

Melbourne Fashion Stylist for Great Looks

Are you fond of style? In case you like flaunting style you have lots of options now days. Fashion styling has emerged as an excellent aspect today. The very concept is to make people look good. Under this concept, inner beauty is also taken into account and not merely the external appearance or looks. The concept aims to integrate internal and external beauties and make you feel happy. In case you are an Aussie or at Melbourne, you could easily contact any Personal fashion stylist and avail the best of the industry.

The stylists are classified under three types. The first are the celebrity stylists, next, the image stylists and lastly the image consultants. The role of fashion stylist is to shoot celebrities. He conducts fashion shows, fashion shoots, movies, ads on television and music videos etc. The fashion stylists are of the highest category and the top shoots and modeling is involved in it. Any fashion stylist Melbourne has the experience to create something entirely new out of the obvious. An expert in the field has thorough knowledge body types and looks. The expert works with the model so that the perfect combination of body type and overall looks come to the front.

These specialists bring the best of any person. As every person is unique, each one has different looks and place. No one is bad as everybody has unique features and positive aspects. The work of the stylist is to bring those positive aspects to the fore. The field and expertise in the field involves combining the different aspects of a personality to create a great look. The most important aspect is the ability to work using a particular budget. As the fashion materials are very expensive so it is important to draw a line or budget. So the challenge is to remain in a constraint and yet create the best of a person. Every person is different so the need is to limit the work down to the available resources and satisfy the client as well. This is a challenging task but can be done effective if one has all the required skills and expertise. It takes long experience to become a good stylist.

The field of fashion has lot to choose from. If you see the fashion world at once you could be overwhelmed by the glitter and glamour. But it requires consistent effort to bring the best of beauty. You must be aware of the latest in fashion internationally. You should go through the reputed fashion magazines such as ‘Vogue’. In short, you need to be in touch with all the developments in the fashion industry.

Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists!

I would like to clarify the difference between Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists. Both people are fortunate enough to work in the wonderful world of fashion – however they do have very different roles within that industry.

A Fashion Stylist is a person who’s primary role is to display, and sell, clothing and garments. They are the clever people who put together fantastic Fashion Parades and Shows. They generally work with models who look great as “coat hangers” for clothing pieces. Fashion Stylists are employed by shopping centres to put toghther outfits featuring current fashion, then promote those “looks” to the general shopping public.

Image Consultants show off people, rather than clothing. When a person is successfully assisted by this professional, you see the person first not the piece of clothing. We often take people shopping and can find very little – if anything – that really suits the client. We promote less rather than more. Less pieces that really suit a person, rather than more things that just hang in the wardrobe.

If you already have your “look”, one with which you are totally happy by all means find a good Fashion Stylist and make the most of their abilities. They know what is available in stores and they know how to co-ordinate the current “styles”.

However, if you are not happy (nor satisfied), with your current look, it may be that you need to take stock and get some help with dressing your particular shape and colouring. If this is the case, you should seek out an Image Consultant, who will work with you (and all your bits) to get the right clothing for you.

I am a great fan of Fashion Stylists and thoroughly admire, and enjoy, their work. Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists both work in the Fashion Industry, doing two very different jobs.

How to Shop Like Your Own Personal Fashion Stylist

The things a personal fashion stylist can do for a person is amazing. These professionals might not know a great deal about the people they are dressing up, but they somehow always get it right the first time. Some personal stylists are so effective that they help a person discover tastes and style they did not even know they had. The only problem is that not everyone can afford to hire a personal fashion stylist. That does not mean they do not deserve or desire to look their best. Read on to learn how you can shop for yourself just like your stylist would.

Look for Extraordinary Items

One of the main differences between ordinary people and professional stylists is that the people tend to buy the style of clothes they are used to wearing, or they go with what is trendy, but a stylist takes a look at you, not the trends or your fashion habits, and picks out what makes you look your best. That is a real challenge for those who simply buy whatever is made available to them. The time that looks best on you might not be those that are commonly sold, or found in clothing outlets. Try to find a place to shop that offers clothes which are one of a kind.

Make People Think You Have a Personal Fashion Stylist

While you might be humble the goal of your personal fashion stylist is to dress you in a way that grabs positive attention. They pick out jaw-dropping items that hypnotize anyone who comes around you. With a personal stylist on your side, you end up wearing items that make people stop you and ask where you found them. They make you look gorgeous, smart, and even rich! Instead of being led by the fashion trends, you set them. When shopping, purposefully target those items that other people would love to find, but can’t.

Stand Out from the Crowd in a Good Way

Here is the problem with fashion trends; everybody wears them. Get a bunch of people together that consider themselves €trendy’ and they will look like they all work at the same place, because they will be dressed uniformly. What is so great about going with the herd? There is no guarantee that what looks great on one person is going to look great on you! This is a fact that your personal fashion stylist would know all too well, and one that you also need to recognize. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by dressing to celebrate your uniqueness. Find items that flatter your features, not what makes someone else look good!

The fact is that you do not have to be a professional fashion consultant, or their client, to dress with amazing personal style. It just takes knowing what to look for when you shop and knowing where to shop. The trick is to not shop for clothing where everybody else does, but frequenting clothing boutiques.